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Babe Ruth Fundraiser all year Round Check it out

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Once you get here click on Tri County North Babe Ruth Baseball under organizations. Then click on Campaign: NLBR Show Clippy’s . Once you click show clippy’s it will bring up different local businesses that you can print their coupon for and ear us money when you visit them. Tell your friends and family, Each organization is assigned a number on our coupons so we get credit for the right organization. If you know of a business that would be perfect to participate they can go to the website and create their offers for their business. Then we can add them to our choices!

There will be more on this throughout the year, This is to help raise funds for new equipment for all the teams in the League and cover some of the other expenses.

Questions call Julie Vandewater 319-594-4850

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Logan Carter
Logan Carter

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